Glass splashbacks have grown in popularity over recent years for very good reason.

Their practicality, ease of maintenance, cleanliness, contemporary appearance and the flexibility when it comes to colour choice have made them an excellent alternative to traditional tiles. The new Pinnacle Interior Product splashback takes these qualities and moves them up a notch by adding even more practicality and creative potential. The incredible flexible design approach opens the door to creating the ultimate centrepiece for a kitchen.

Through a blend of innovation, creative thinking, technical knowhow and a dedicated spirit the Pinnacle Interior Product range was developed, Pinnacle illuminated glass splashbacks were developed to utilise the potential of glass and enable us to offer a distinguishing, stand out feature that possesses the “wow” factor. Fusing both practicality and stunning aesthetics a Pinnacle colour changing splashback provides an opportunity to elevate a kitchens appearance to the very highest level.

With an innovative combination of light and real stone, the appearance created is both unique and distinguished. A sense of grandeur and opulence emanates from every panel, in its own personal way. Illuminated stone not only creates a classy feel but also gives every splash back a sense of depth and an almost 3 dimensional appearance.

Pinnacle Interior Products colour changing glass splashbacks are more than just glass; they are pieces of art!

A frameless design was an important consideration when creating the range, with this range in mind we have created a design that whilst not completely frame free is only 1.6mm around each edge. Keeping the face of the splashback clean and frame free not only preserves the extremely high aesthetic qualities but from a practical stand point makes maintenance that little bit easier too.

Every Pinnacle Interior colour changing splashbacks is designed to add a unique personal element to the kitchens that they adorn, that’s why design flexibility is a core feature of the range. Everything including the size, shape, colour, pattern designs, material, lighting and glass are customizable. Our belief is that  the only limitation should be the imagination. By minimising design constraints full impact of adding a Pinnacle Interior colour changing splashback to a kitchen can be realised.

The range of colours available from the integrated, high efficiency LED lighting, enables the kitchen space to be transformed as and when the occasion suits. Whether cooking or entertaining guests, an entire spectrum of colours can be easily accessed to find the right lighting for the moment.

Lighting control options such as remote control, wall mounted light switch or via wi fi on a hand held device such as a smart phone further enhances the ways in which the colour changing splashback can be tailored to an individual’s requirements.

Our preferred material is stone, chosen for its natural aesthetic qualities and the way that the surface is enhanced through illumination. Using natural stone gives every panel a unique texture, colour and pattern, further adding to the exclusivity of a Pinnacle Interior Product colour changing splashback.

The ability to accommodate a whole range of materials such as wood, fabric, metal and leather ensures for a Pinnacle Interior Product splashback to play a starring role in a multitude of kitchen styles.

We realise that every individual has their own personal preferences and that every kitchen is unique. That’s why painted sections are fully customisable in terms of patterns and colours. This enables 1000’s of colour options to be combined with individual layouts to create the perfect appearance.

A Pinnacle Interior Product colour changing splashback not only offers a fantastic visual enhancement to a kitchen space, it also offers increased practicality too. Ease of maintenance, excellent hygienic qualities, and durability are all traits shared with a traditional splashback. However, a Pinnacle Interior Product splashback goes further: through integrating LED lighting, the need for additional under cabinet lighting is eliminated keeping the overall appearance ultra clean and tidy.



  • Max size: 2400mm x 1500mm ( larger on request )
  • Min size: 100mm x 400mm
  • Thickness: 20 – 25mm


  • Input Voltage: 12 V DC
  • Power consumption: 14.4W/m
  • Fully waterproof: IP rated LED lighting
  • Light output: 1080lm/m
  • Average life: 50,000 hours


  • Toughened to EN12150
  • Impact resistance to EN 12600
  • Ultra Clear/Low Iron